Phone & Email Support

HyQuest clients enjoy the highest level of telephone support in the industry. Our clients are able to talk directly to knowledgeable project managers and engineers to help solve their most difficult questions. Premium 24/7 support access agreements are also available! Contact us directly for more details at +612 9601 2022

For Australian support via email:
For New Zealand support via email:

Interactive Bug/Enhancement Tracking System

To register and track bug and enhancement requests for HydroTel™, iLink 2012 or the iRIS family of dataloggers use our Interactive Bug/Enhancement Tracking System (iBETS) 


HS offer training courses covering all aspects of our products.


The best way to keep informed of what's happening at HyQuest Solutions is through the HS Newsletter, which is distributed by email every quarter. To receive the HS Newsletter contact:

HyQuest Solution (HS) User Groups

The HS User Group meeting is held every year in Australia and New Zealand. It is an opportunity for HS users to see the latest HS developments, learn about where our products are heading and provide an opportunity for HS users to talk together about their experiences.

Netviewer Screen-Sharing Application

HS uses a screen-sharing application called Netviewer to support our clients and provide web-based presentations of our solutions.  Below are two links for downloading the small application files that power this application.  Please follow the instructions of your KISTERS contact to decide which file you should download.

To directly download the Netviewer Support Participant executable for one-to-one screen sharing, please click here.

To directly download the Netviewer Meeting Participant executable one-to-many screen sharing, please click here.