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27 August 2020

13. Rainfall Sentry Model RS3

The Rainfall Sentry Model RS3 is a microprocessor controlled device designed to monitor rainfall and operate external pumps and/or…
27 August 2020

14. About us

Precision Instrumentation, Data Loggers, Internet of Things and Environmental Monitoring HyQuest Solutions manufactures, sells, installs…
26 August 2020

15. Repairs

HyQuest Solutions precision instruments and data loggers are produced in quality-controlled processes. HyQuest Solutions production and…
24 August 2020

16. HS23 Dry Model Bubble Unit

Water level in a water body can be determined by measuring the pressure head of gas bubbling from an open orifice at a fixed location. The…
24 August 2020

17. Staff Gauge Plates

Staff Gauge Plates are primarily used to manual reading of water level in streams and water storages.
They are made from…
14 August 2020

18. TB4 Series II Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

HyQuest Solutions’ TB4 Series II is a high-quality tipping bucket rain gauge for measuring rainfall in urban and rural locations. Due to…
14 August 2020

19. Precipitation Monitoring: US rainfall record

Meteorology – Hail Monitoring 49.69” (1262 mm) of rain in 24 hours recorded by TB4 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge. New…
11 August 2020

20. ML1 MiniLog

The MiniLog Model ML1A -FL is a Digital Data Logger, suitable for short term or long term remote data logging applications. It can measure…
28 July 2020

21. VHPS-10-SDI12 Vented Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor

HyQuest Solutions’ vented hydrostatic pressure sensor VHPS is a programmable submersible level transmitter for measuring water level and…
28 July 2020

22. enviroFlu

PAH, oil-in-water using UV fluorescence
enviroFlu-HC is the new generation of immersion sensors for measurement of oil-in-water.…
27 July 2020

23. DH59 Depth Integrating Sediment Sampler (Suspended Type)

DH59 is an easy-to-use medium-weight suspended sediment sampler.
The sampler consists of an epoxy coated, streamlined bronze…
17 July 2020

24. HailSens Calibration and Certification

HyQuest Solutions provides calibration and certification services for Pressure Sensors. Periodic calibration ensures reliability of…
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