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28 July 2020

1. VHPS-10-SDI12 Vented Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor

HyQuest Solutions’ vented hydrostatic pressure sensor VHPS is a programmable submersible level transmitter for measuring water level and…
28 July 2020

2. enviroFlu

PAH, oil-in-water using UV fluorescence
enviroFlu-HC is the new generation of immersion sensors for measurement of oil-in-water.…
27 July 2020

3. DH59 Depth Integrating Sediment Sampler (Suspended Type)

DH59 is an easy-to-use medium-weight suspended sediment sampler.
The sampler consists of an epoxy coated, streamlined bronze…
17 July 2020

4. HailSens Calibration and Certification

HyQuest Solutions provides calibration and certification services for Pressure Sensors. Periodic calibration ensures reliability of…
15 July 2020

5. HailSens Hail Monitoring System

Automatic Sensing and Classification of Hail
HailSens is an advanced sensor system for monitoring hail events in real-time. The…
13 July 2020

6. HB1-HangerBar

The hanger bar is attached to the weight and the Current Meter is mounted on the hanger bar.
This assembly is suspended from a…
13 July 2020

7. Amergraph Cable

This cable is commonly used for stream gauging. It is a double purpose cable which is specially constructed to permit the suspension in…
13 July 2020

8. HydroTab - Stream Gauging Computer

The stream gauging computer HydroTab is an assembly of HydroTab software and an Android tablet suitable for harsh and wet environments. It…
13 July 2020

9. TB340A Lab Tipping Bucket Calibration Rig & Test Bench

HyQuest Solutions’ TB340A is a fully automated laboratory calibration and test bench for a wide selection of tipping bucket rain gauges…
13 July 2020

10. TB333 Bird guard

6 July 2020

11. CFX/xxx Cable Fox

The Cable Fox Model (CFX) is HyQuest Solutions latest towing system for deployment of an ADCP or radar device for manual discharge…
6 July 2020

12. OSSB1 Universal Current Meter

The OSS-B1 universal current meter is a field-proven instrument for measuring the velocity of water in open and closed channels. It is used…
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