Water Use Data Management System (WUDMS)

WUDMS is an add-on module to HydroTel™ and it is intimately connected to the HydroTel™ database, but it also obtains data from the Regulatory Authority consents database.

WUDMS takes water metering information that the users supply, either through direct entry onto a web page provided by the HydroTel™ WebServer, via SMS message, directly from telemetered dataloggers such as an iRIS 150FX, or imported via the HydroTel™ Transfer Agent from a third party.

All the meter readings and take volumes are stored in the HydroTel™ database and can be alarmed, processed and reported on as with any other data point. 

In addition to allowing data entry, the HydroTel™ WebServer provides Internet access for users to view their meter readings, water usage and to enter details through a secure website.  Where applicable, users can also submit other required data such as Water Level or upload a required document.

The HydroTel™ client also supplies access to the WUDMS information so regulatory authority staff can view consents, consent holder’s contact details, report on up to date usage and what their consent allowance is and as a result, overdue reports and alarms can be raised on that information.

While the basic module is largely generic across Regulatory Authorities, one of the issues facing most clients is the need to customise for each Authority, in particular, the consents database, which will most likely be different for every Authority.