The HyQuest GDSP is a data platform that provides a secure high performance IP communications to devices on cellular networks globally.   The following benefits should prompt a move to the GDSP:

1.      The GDSP gives improved data throughput and reliability.

2.      Ultimately removes any requirement for the slow and occasionally unreliable GPRS base modem.  All loggers will need to be converted before that can happen.

3.      Loggers will automatically roam at no additional cost to another provider should the Vodafone signal at the location be inadequate for reliable service.

4.      In the future, staff will have access to the GDSP portal to monitor their own data usage and diagnose connectivity for SIMs with no need to contact us or Vodafone.

5.      There will be no change to data costs - there is potentially even a reduction in some cases (to be determined as the usage and tariff bands are fine-tuned).