Stream Gauging Winches (Models WS250, WS400 and WS500)

The Models WS250/400/500 Stream Gauging Winch are hand operated single drum winches capable of handling Colombus Gauging Weights up to 45kg (99lbs) using the SAN22SS winch board or 3WBC bridge crane. If  the  4WBC  Bridge  Crane is used the maximum weight  capacity  rises to 70  Kg (154 lb) for these models.

All models are compact and portable, designed  for  ease  of  operation  and serviceability  in  the  field.  The  selected material has kept the weight to a minimum, so that it can be handled easily by one person.


  • Automatic  Weston Brake –  safety brake which locks the drum if the handle is released 
  • Using the SAN22SS winch board with outrigger assembly, the winch can be deployed from boats or bridges. 
  • A light weight bridge crane (Model 3WBC or 4WBC) can also be used for bridge gauging
  • Sounding  drum is made from cast aluminium,  320mm Circumference and is fitted with silver plated slip-ring
  • Re-settable depth counter with centimetre resolution. 
  • Portable with robust, light weight construction
  • Stainless Steel powder-coated winch frame
  • Single layer of amergraph cable (either 2.5mm or 3.2mm diameter)
  • Single adjustable handle



  • Load Capacity:
    • 70kg (154 lbs) maximum when used with the 4WBC bridge crane.
    • 45Kg ( 99 lbs) when used stand alone on a SAN22SS winch frame or with the 3WBC bridge crane.
  • Sounding Drum: Cast Aluminium, 320mm (12.6”) Circumference.
  • Frame: Robust Stainless Steel Grade 304, Powder Coated.
  • Counter: Six digit resettable, registering depth in centimeters, 1cm resolution (1/10 of a foot)
  • Portable: Carry handle and light weight
  • Brake: Positive Weston Brake will hold the load in any position
  • Mounting:
    • 4 x M10 mounting holes for winch board with outrigger model SAN22SS
    • 4 x M10 mounting holes for A reel trolley
  • Operation: Manual
  • Drum Capacity:
    • WS250: 2.5mm Diameter Cable (standard): 25m (84ft)
    • WS250: 3.2mm Diameter Cable: 20m (65ft)
    • WS400: 2.5mm Diameter Cable (standard): 40m (131ft)
    • WS400: 3.2mm Diameter Cable: 30m (99ft)
    • WS500: 2.5mm Diameter Cable (standard): 50m (164ft)
    • WS500: 3.2mm Diameter Cable: 40m (131ft)
  • Packed Dimensions (Supplied in Aluminium Case):
    • WS250: 461x280x270mm
    • WS300: 580X280X270mm
    • WS500: 660x280x270mm
  • Packed Weight
    • WS250: 25 Kgs
    • WS300: 27 Kgs
    • WS500: 33Kgs