Stream Gauging Winch BAROSSA Model DDT700

The Barossa Double Drum Model DDT700 is a hand operated winch capable of handling Gauging Weights up to 70 Kg (154 lb). The Model DDT700  can be used on travellerways up to 60m (200 ft) span. 

Main Features:

  • Light Construction: Structural Aluminium Frames and Drums for easier transport and handling
  • Automatic Weston Brake: safety brakes which lock the winch if the handle is released
  • Counters housed within the frames: protected from external damage Silver Plated Slipring conducts signal from sounding drum to the current meter counter
  • Single Layer of Signal Cable on Drum. prevents damage of internal conductor and premature replacement
  • Single handle operation for changing from sounding to traversing mode
  • The main feature of this design is that it enables the operator to quickly change from sounding mode to traversing mode very quickly by engaging the drive gears on each drum. Once the carriage is moved into position for the next sounding operation, the traversing drum is then quickly disengaged.
  • Single drum version available on request


  • Load Capacity: Designed for weights up to 70 Kg (154 lb).
  • Sounding Drum: Cast Aluminium, 600mm Circumference, fitted with silver plated slipringm, and sounding counter registering in centimetres (Metric) or 1/10 of a foot (Imperial).
  • Traversing Drum: Cast Aluminium, 600mm Circumference, fitted with traverse counter registering in decimeters (Metric) or 1 foot (Imperial) [Detachable when not required].
  • Drum Capacity: 57m of 3.2mm (1/8”), 70m of 2.5mm (1/10”)
  • Operation: Manual
  • Dimensions:
    • Barossa Winch Model DDT700  Double Drum: Length 600mm (24”), Width 560mm (22”), Height 470mm(18.5”), Weight 36Kg (79.4 lb).
  • Packing Details:
    • Double Drum – 64 Kg (141 lb), 0.3m3