Stream Gauging Model CW

HyQuest Solutions have adopted the U.S.G.S. Columbus Pattern gauging weight which range from 7kg to 90 kg. These streamlined weights maintain a steadier position in water flowing at high velocities and align the current meter into the flow.

CW7          7KG GAUGING WEIGHT (14KG, 0.02CU/M)
CW14         14KG GAUGING WEIGHT (22KG, 0.02CU/M)
CW23         23KG GAUGING WEIGHT (35KG, 0.04CU/M)
CW34         34KG GAUGING WEIGHT (50KG, 0.05CU/M)
CW45         45KG GAUGING WEIGHT (63KG, 0.06CU/M)
CW68         68KG GAUGING WEIGHT (90KG, 0.07CU/M)
CW90         90KG GAUGING WEIGHT (110KG, 0.07CU/M)