Hornet Cableway Systems PLUS

The Hornet Plus  has been developed to perform river and stream discharge measurements from fixed cableways using an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) OR mechanical type current meter. The Hornet is an ideal solution for retro fitting to an existing manned cableway system, thus minimising the personal injury risk associated with this type of gauging.


  • Easy set up
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Maximum cable span 400m (1300ft.)
  • Variable traversing speed (up to l.Om/sec; (3.3ft/sec.)
  • Auto-correction of horizontal distance
  • Auto-correction of depth of observation (angle of drift/airline/wetline measured)
  • Remote control (1km; 0.6 mile) range
  • Power Supply
    • Traversing: AC Mains  (or portable generator 1kW)
    • Hoist: 2 x 12VDC, 38Ah  SLA batteries
    • Remote Control - 3 x NiMh 2.5Ah 'AA" batteries (alkaline type can be used in an emergency)

  • Hoist
    • Maximum lift : 135kg (3001b)
    • Cable: 3.2mm amergraph cable

  • Remote Control
    • Raise/Lower  + battery voltage displayed
    • Forward/Reverse + variable speed control LCD 16 char. x 2 line with backlighting Measures and displays distance
    • LED's for communications and fault indication
    • Current meter revolutions transmitted wirelessly to remote with signal cleaned and verified

  • Radio Frequency
    • Licence free bands; USA 902.5-014.5MHz
    • AUS 915.5-027.5MHz

Hornet Cableway System Demo

Date: 23-09-15

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