Current Meter Counter Model PVD200

The HyQuest Solutions Point Velocity Display (PVD200) is a small electronic device that can be used to measure flow velocity from most any mechanically rotating current meter.  A superior  feature  of  the  PVD200 is  its  ability  to  "clean"  the  signal  and  interface  directly  to  a HydroTab tablet,  or  other  computing  device  and  provide  serial  data  that  can  be  used  by  the  external  device  to compute  discharge.    Meters using  a  cat  whisker  head  and  ball  and  wire  contact  to  perform a mechanical  switch  closure  can  be  used  with  the  PVD200 to  produce  a  clean,  noise-free  signal. To  measure  and  compute  velocity,  the  PVD200 provides  a  User Serial Interface Program (USIP).  This USIP is used to enter the rating of the current meter and  can  support  up  to  two  meters  with  each  meter  having up  to  three  rating  equations  with  three rotations/sec ranges.

Main Features

  • Direct Velocity Reading
  • Digitally processes and ‘cleans’ signals from Catwhisker and Magnetic Head Meters
  • Operates with three ‘AA’ batteries
  • Works in high conductivity water( > 50,000μSiemens) 
  • Self contained unit with 128 x 64 backlit  LCD display showing total meter counts and elapsed time
  • Bluetooth Interface 
  • Also operates with any HydroTab table or Field Computer
  • Fully compatible with USGS QCALC Discharge Measurement Software
  • Fully self calibrating
  • Can be used to adjust Current Meter contacts (measures meter ‘Dwell Angle’)
  • Can display and produce ‘Spin Test’ record
  • When used with the GFD (Ground Feeler Device) an audible beep is produced to alert the hydrographer when the Columbus weight makes contact with the stream bed
  • Available as neck or Top Set Rod mounted options