Cable Fox

The Cable Fox Model (CFX) is HyQuest Solutions latest technology for towing an ADCP or setting up a radar system  temporarily for measuring water flow. What distinguishes the CFX from other cableway systems, is its ability to operate on any existing cableway, without the need for additional accessories such as endless wire set ups. The CFX is operated wirelessly up to 400 metres (1312 feet) thereby ensuring the field team can safely undertake the discharge measurement. The CFX is a portable unit with low power consumption allowing the user to gauge several sites in the same day.

Main Features:

  • Variable traversing speed up to 0.6m/sec (2ft/sec)
  • Hoist attachment available (to adjust tether line to ADCP trimaran/board)
  • In built encoder for distance measurement across stream
  • Low power consumption
  • Auto retrieval Feature

Cable Fox Motor Body:

  • Geared Motor 320W
  • Speed Drives carriage up to 0.6 m/s (2.00 ft/s)
  • Distance Measurement 0.01m (0.01 ft) resolution
  • Power Requirement 12V DC 18Ah battery Internal 30A auto reset fuse 


Hoist (Optional): 

  • Lifting Capacity 100 Kg (220 lbs)
  • Power Requirements Uses the above Cable Fox power (12V 18Ah) Separate internal 30A auto reset fuse
  • Cable Synthetic Rope 12.2m (40ft)


Wireless Remote Control: 

  • Controls
    • Raise / Lower Control + Battery Voltage monitoring
    • Forward / Reverse + Speed control
  • LCD
    • 16 char x 2 line with backlighting
    • Calculates horizontal distance
  • Radio Frequency
    • USA 902.5 to 914.5 MHz
    • AUS 915.5 to 927.5 MHz
    • (26 channels @ 1MHz spacing)
  • Operating Range 400m (1300 ft) line of sight
  • Indicators
    • LEDs for comms and fault indication
    • Sounder for low battery 
  • Power Source
    • 3 x NiMh 2.5Ah AA batteries with built-in charger (3 x AA Alkaline batteries in an emergency)
  • Dimensions
    • Cable Fox: 650mm (W) x 510mm (H) x 240mm (D) [(26“(W)x 20“(H)x10“(D)
    • Mass: 35Kg (77lb)
    • Hoist: 510mm (W) x 440mm (H) x 230mm (D) [(21“(W)x 18“(H)x9“(D)
    • Mass: 23Kg (51lb)