Depth Integrating Sediment Samplers DH59

HyQuest Solutions is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Sediment Samplers. Based on designs developed by the United States Federal Inter-Agency Sedimentation Project, HyQuest Solutions offers various models to suit any application. One of these models is the DH59 Depth hand held integrating sediment sampler.

A medium-weight suspended-sediment sampler for handline suspension, this sampler is equipped with a tail vane assembly to orient the intake nozzle of the sampler into the approaching fl ow as the sampler enters the water. The sample container is sealed against a gasket in the head cavity of the casting by pressure applied to the base of the bottle by a hand-operated spring-tensioned pull-rod assembly at the tail of the sampler. Suspended-sediment samples, collected by the intake nozzle projecting horizontally upstream from the head of the casting, are discharged into the bottle containers. The air in the bottle is discharged throughan air exhaust tube in the body casting. This tube is protected by a streamlined projection alongside the head of the sampler. The sampler is supplied with three nozzles 3.2mm, 4.8mm,6.3mm inside diameter nozzles.

  • Model DH59
    • Type: Handheld Depth Integrating
    • Materials: Cast Bronze
    • Net Weight: 10kg (22lb)
    • Dimension: 380 mm long
    • Packing Details: 16kg, 0.01m3