Bedload sampler handheld BLSH

The model BLSH is a hand held, pressure difference, cast, aluminium epoxy coated sampler for wading measurements in a natural stream carrying coarse sediments. It uses the same wading rods as the DH48.


  • Hand Held Sampler
  • Easy to use
  • Used for wading rod measurements
  • Field sample weighing system
  • Cast aluminium construction 



  • Orifice: 76mm x 76mm
  • Expansion Ratio 3.22 (Exit Area to Entrance Area)
  • Body: Epoxy coated cast aluminium
  • Wading Rods: (2 X 0.5 m ) Stainless Steel sections supplied as standard; additional 0.5 m sections are available on request
  • Sample Bag: Polyester mono filament bag of 0.2mm mesh - will not absorb water.
  • Carry Bag: Canvas
  • Packed Weight : 4 kg
  • Packed Dimension: (700x300x300) mm