Model TB4 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

HyQuest Solutions’ TB4 is a high-quality tipping bucket rain gauge for measuring rainfall and precipitation in urban and rural locations. Due to the integrated syphon, the gauge delivers high levels of accuracy across a broad range of rainfall intensities.

The TB4’s tried and proven design ensures long-term, accurate and repeatable results. It is manufactured from high quality, durable materials ensuring long-term stability in the harshest of environments. It consists of a robust powder-coated aluminium enclosure, a UV-resistant ASA polymer base, and stainless steel fasteners and finger filter.

TB4 provides a finger filter that ensures the collector catch area remains unblocked when leaves, bird droppings and other debris find their way into the catch.

The TB4’s base incorporates two water outlets at the bottom allowing for water collection and data verification. Maintenance of the TB4 is easy, because removal of the outer enclosure and access to the tipping bucket mechanism and finger filter assembly is made easy with quick release fasteners.

Output options

TB4 includes a dual output 24 V DC reed switch allowing for output redundancy or the addition of a second data logger. The second output could also be used for connecting HyQuest Solutions’ current meter counter CMCbt paired with the free FCD application that allow for easy and accurate field calibration even in noisy (urban) environments. The reed switch incorporates varistor protection against surges that may be induced on long, inappropriately shielded signal cables.

Main Features

    • Long-term stable calibration
    • Accuracy not affected by rainfall intensity
    • Minimal maintenance required
    • Robust design for all environments
    • Expandability: Optional autonomous real-time rain monitoring and reporting system RainTrak Undercover with in-built telemetry and logging (see flip side)


    • Classical Meteorology and Climatology
    • Hydrometeorology
    • Environmental, Hydrological and Air Quality Monitoring
    • Road Traffic Infrastructure
    • Water Treatment Plants, Dams, Reservoirs
    • Agrometeorology
    • Airports and Airfields
    • Water Resources Management


      • 0.1 mm, 0.2 mm, 0.5 mm, 1.0 mm, 0.01 inch


      • O-250 mm per hour; +/-2 %
      • 250-500 mm per hour; +/-3 %


      • 700 mm per hour


      • Enclosure: anodised and powder-coated aluminium
      • Base: UV-resistant ASA polymer
      • Bucket: chrome plated ABS


      • Stainless steel rolling bearings on stainless spring steel axle

      Dimensions & Mass

        • 200 mm diameter catch
        • 330 mm height
        • 3.3 kg

        Environmental Conditions

        • Operating Temperature Range: +4 °C to +7O °C; Humidity: 0-100 %



        Hyquest Solutions Pty Ltd provides a complete solution for a rainfall station which can be summarised as follows:

        • “All In One” Rainfall monitoring system
        • A wide range of Rain Gauges to suit all needs
        • A wide range of Data Loggers to suit different applications
        • Remote communication using GPRS, Next G modems or satellite communication
        • Solar panel and deep cycle battery
        • Easily deployed on new or existing 2 inch BSP pipe
        • Custom designed for harsh environments. (Heat shielding available on request)

        Rainfall Station

        Complete Solution for Rainfall, with 2% accuracy
        Provided with either 3G/Next G or Satellite communication
        Provided with a Data Logger for data backup and storage
        Robust construction and can be built to customer requirments
        Very well secured against vandalism
        Optional Heat Shields for better performance in harsh environment
        Simply secured to a 2 inch galvanised pipe
        Sold world wide and deployed in harsh environment such as Khamis Airbase in Saudi Arabia
        Made compact for specific applications
        Made compact for specific applications
        12V DC power with minimum 5W solar panel
        Easily mounted to the ground
        Data logging can be performed using a MiniLog Data Logger and data can be accessed remotely using GPRS or Next G Modem
        Data logging can be performed using an iQuest Data Logger and data can be accessed remotely using iCE3 Next G Modem
        A wide range of rain gauges to suit all budgets
        Customised to customer requirments
        Remote communication is performed easily
        Data logging can be performed using a iQuest Data Loggers and data can be accessed remotely using satellite technology
        Solar panel mounting and angle positioning can be customised to suit the location deployed in
        Built to last and withstand harsh environment