Model TB3H Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge Heater Kit

The HyQuest Solutions Tipping Bucket Heater has been designed for use with the HyQuest Solutions Model TB3 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge. The device is a thermostatically controlled heating element, that raises the temperature of the interior of the rain gauge, funnel and catch to avoid the freezing of the gauge in cold climates with subsequent loss of precipitation records. When the ambient temperature drops below a preset value (+ 4oC), the heating elements are turned  “ON” to keep the funnel temperature at the preset Setpoint temperature (+ 10oC ) and are switched when ambient temperature reaches above (+ 5oC). The system will be de-activated when temperature drops below (-20oC) or above (+5oC) nominal. This feature conserves the power supply.


Main Features

  • Power Requirement AC/DC
  • Fully Automated Operation
  • Thermostatically Controlled Heating Element
  • SDI-12 Interface
    • Ambient temperature range -40oC to +70oC (-40oF to +158oF)
    • Snow sensor and heater operating parameters between -20oC to +5oC (-4oF to 41oF)
    • Average power generated 35 watts (150 watts during initial minute warm up)
    • Voltage requirements:
      • Main Power: 10VDC to 30VDC  or 12VAC to 28VAC
      • SDI-12 Power: 9.6VDC to 16VDC (SDI-12 standard)
      • SDI-12 Interface: optically isolated ,1200 baud, 7 bits, even parity.
    • Power generated and current requirements:
      • 12 VDC
      • 45 watts average (70 watts when heater is on)
      • 3.7 amps average (approx 65% duty cycle) (5.8 amps when the heater is on)


    Please note tipping bucket rain gauge is ordered separately.