Model HS305 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

The HyQuest Solutions Model HS305 Rain Gauge operates on the tipping bucket principle. The 305mm diameter funnel collects the rainfall which is strained by a metal gauze before being passed into a 1.0mm measuring bucket. The 24VDC dual reed switch then emits a voltage free switch closure for each bucket tip.

Receiver (cover) : Diameter 305mm (within + 0.5mm)

Sensitivity : One switch closure per tip of 1mm bucket

Measuring accuracy : +/- 2% (from 0 to 130)mm/hr ; /- 3% (from 130 to 500)mm/hr

Sensor : Tipping bucket (synthetic ceramic coated brass)

Contact system : Dual reed switches (glass encapsulated normally open contact)

Contact capacity : 24 VA (maximum current 0.5 amp)

Contact time : 0.1 second requirement

Available Models: Available to suit aluminium column (HS305A) or PVC column (HS305P)