FCD Application For Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge Field Calibration

The FCD_App is free software developed and supported by HyQuest Solutions which operates on any Android platform (customer’s own Tablet or Phone) which is used to collect data when performing a Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge Field Calibration.         

The Application communicates via Bluetooth to the HyQuest Solutions’ CMCbt which in turn is connected to the switch contact inside a Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge. When the Gauge is calibrated in the field, the tipping bucket count along with any notes is saved into a historical file.

TBRG Field Calibration checks are usually performed by either:

  • Listening for the TBRG bucket tips and counting them, (not easy when the environment is noisy or you get distracted) OR
  • Using the data logger to count the tips, which can interfere with the station logged data.
  • Using the FCD_App and the CMCbt solves both of these problems.



  • Standard and Custom Rain Gauge models can be configured.
  • Unlimited number of Sites.
  • Unlimited number of Field Calibrations at a site.
  • Record the TBRG Serial No at a site to allow tracking.
  • Notes can be made during the calibration.
  • Software can be upgraded as new features become available.
  • CMCbt easily fits inside the rain gauge while doing the field calibration
  • Bluetooth does transmit through the metal rain gauge cover.

The FCD Application is free, and operates on an Android Tablet or Android phone. However, to operate this application the user needs the CMCbt as a Bluetooth interface between the rain gauge and the android device.

Please click here to download the software, which the user can navigate to on their mobile Android device.