Measuring Cylinder

The measuring cylinder is used to refill or empty the Class A Evaporation Pan to the set level required. Each 0.2 mm of water level on the evaporation pan represent 19.8 mm on the measuring cylinder.

The Class A Evaporation Pan is a standard device for manual measurement of evaporation. These Pans are frequently used within networks in order to obtain information about evaporation on a routine basis, e.g. in applications in meteorology, irrigation, hydrology or water resources management.

Impact resistance acrylic
Approx. 19.8 mm equivalent to 0.2 mm on a Class A Evaporation Pan
Net Weight
1.3 kg
  • Height 425 mm, base diameter 200 mm, cylinder diameter 133 mm
  • Packed: 500 x 230 x 230 mm