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iRIS Under Cover mounted inside TB3 raingauge

iRIS Under Cover Datalogger

The iRIS Under Cover datalogger is designed to physically reside within the HyQuest Solutions raingauge enclosures or accept pulse inputs from water meters.  The additional 16 bit accuracy analogue inputs and optional SDI-12 facilitates additional versatility for sensor connections.  The Wi-Fi connectivity removes reliance on communication cables

  • WiFi connectivity using iLink to configure and download
  • iLinkMobile supported for Android tablets and smartphone
  • 20 configurable virtual sensors including internal datalogger diagnostic channels
  • FTP data files to 2 x FTP servers
  • IP data packet support, 3G and 4G comms
  • 2 x Digital Inputs, 2 x Analog Inputs
  • SDI-12 serial instrumentation bus port on iRIS Under Cover Pro
  • Modbus RTU and TCP protocol support on iRIS Under Cover Pro
  • Calibration performance of all channel inputs made available through iLink
  • more... see spec sheet

The iRIS Under Cover is developed on our new generation platform which forms the foundation of our R&D to embrace emerging technologies into the future.

The iRIS Under Cover datalogger is provided with a single communication option as 3G or 4G options.  The 4G modem has the capability of operating across either the 3G or 4G networks.

The iRIS Under Cover Pro model additionally contains SDI-12, Modbus and an additional Digital I/O channel.  Additional protocols will be made available on the iRIS Under Cover Pro in the near future.


ModelNo modem3G4GSDI-12ModbusOutputs
iRIS Under Cover - NMX
iRIS Under CoverXX
iRIS Under Cover ProXXXXX



CE Certification

iRIS Under Cover Manual and Application Notes

Firmware / Software

NOTE: New versions of iLink (at least 4.7.2) or iLinkMobile are required for the iRIS Under Cover. Integrating the iRIS Under Cover with HydroTel telemetry software will require HydroTel V5.


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