iRIS 350FX Datalogger

The iRIS 350FX has been designed and constructed for use in harsh outdoor and industrial environments. It is compact, cost effective and easily configured, with support for a wide range of instrumentation; the physical communication interfaces are:

  • RS232 port (DTE configuration)
  • 3G modem, Ethernet or Iridium Satellite
  • SDI-12 serial instrumentation bus port
  • Serial camera (iRIS-CAM)
  • Modbus slave protocol for SCADA
iRIS 350FX Datalogger - NMNo Modem
iRIS 350FX Datalogger - (3G/GPRS)3G cellular modem
iRIS 350FX Datalogger - EEthernet
iRIS 350FX Datalogger - SatiRidium Satellite




iRIS 350FX Manual and Application Notes

Firmware / Software

NOTE: Use iLink 2012 to obtain the latest versions.