Hyquest Solutions Pulse Extender

The HyQuest Solutions Pulse Extender is used to interface a Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge, which has a 100mS contact closure, to a device that cannot measure pulses that narrow, such as an RTU. The TBRG pulses are debounced and accumulated, and then output at a slower rate that the
RTU can monitor.The Pulse Extender can be powered by a single 3.6V lithium battery for a year, or it can be powered from an external 12V supply.

Main Features:

  • Small and compact
  • User Friendly
  • Debounce & Accumulate the digital signal, then output at a rate that an RTU can handle
  • Low power consumption 3.6V Lithium
  • battery can power the PE1 for up to one year
  • Inputs: Typically a contact closure (minimum pulse width 40mS) detects a max of 2 pulses per second (usually the max for any TBRG)
  • Output: Open collector transistor (pulls to 0V) Standard output pulse - pulls low for 1 sec, then open for 1 sec; other timing available on request – at time of order.
  • Indicator: LED Heartbeat flashes once every 2 secs; Flashes brighter when contact closure detected
  • Connection: 5 way plug in screw terminal block
  • Power Source: Internal 3.6V AA Lithium
  • Battery (sleep mode 25uA) (pulsing1mA) and/or External 12V supply (min8V – max 28V) (sleep mode 0.5mA)(pulsing 1.5mA)
  • Protection: Reverse Polarity Protection of Lithium Battery and External Supply
  • Dimensions: 70x60x40mm
  • Weight: 190 g