HyQuest Solutions “HART to SDI-12 / Modbus Interface”

The HyQuest Solutions "HART to SDI-12/ Modbus Interface“ allows any 4-20mA HART device to be connected to an SDI-12 data logger and/or and RS485 Modbus RTU providing the best accuracy available from the HART protocol.The Hartbeat is available in two models, HBT1 and HBT1 Plus. (See the seperate HBT1 Plus bulletin for details).

Main Features

  • SDI-12 and/or RS485 Interface
  • LED status indicators
  • Light weight plastic enclosure (IP65)
  • User selectable options
  • Power: +10V to +30V DC
  • Over voltage protected with resettable polyfuse.
  • Reverse polarity protection.
  • Uses Hart commands to retrieve info and also set configuration.
  • (Allows connection of external Vega Connect Master by providing +16V DC power and no comms – DIP Sw selection)
  • Interface #1 SDI-12 (Conforms to SDI-12 V1.3)
  • Interface #2 Select via DIP switch 1-1, either SDI-12 V1.3 OR RS485 (2 wire) Modbus interface
  • User Selectable Options Internal DIP Switches (refer to instruction manual for details)
  • Connection: Plug-in 12 way screw terminals and Plug-in 3,way screw terminals
  • Operating Temperature -400C to +700C
  • Environmental IP65
  • Dimensions 120mm x 90mm x 55mm (L x W x D)