Coronavirus - current delivery situation

HyQuest Solutions – KISTERS Group Member - would like to keep all our customers, distributors, resellers and suppliers updated on the steps that we are taking during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The situation is rapidly changing. HyQuest Solutions offices in all parts of the world are following local government advice to best protect both our staff and the HyQuest Solutions business.

Contact and Availability: HyQuest Solutions is operating and contactable via phone and email. As a customer or partner you are invited to use the usual phone and email addresses.

Production and Delivery: Our production is currently running smoothly! As of the current hour, we have a good stock of materials and can produce orders on time. Delays due to transport, customs clearance or delivery, however, are beyond our control.

Where locally requested or necessary to ensure best hygienic conditions members of our team have been enabled to work from home are doing so and we will continue to offer the same services either from home or the office.

HyQuest Solutions manufacturing and assembly sites, located in Warwick Farm/Australia, Hamilton/New Zealand and Aachen/Germany are operating.

Online meeting tools and phone conferences are used extensively and replace face to face meetings.  Social and hygienic rules for Staff Members working from our premises, are based on the local governmental regulations incl. respect of social distancing, mask wearing in all communal areas, handwashing and cleaning communal surfaces. Free disposable face masks and hand sanitiser gel are available and easily accessible for visitors and staff alike.

The situation is unique and HyQuest Solutions is committed to ensure internal rules are and remain in line with government advice.

HyQuest Solutions takes maximum action to continue to deliver to customers and keep the HyQuest Solutions staff as safe as possible.

Please keep you and your families healthy,

The HyQuest Team