Surface Water – Level/Discharge Monitoring

Success Story: Water Level Sensing/Reporting System, Malaysia

  • LVQ35 Non-Contact Discharge Sensor: Radar monitoring of water level and flow measurement.
  • iRIS350FX for data collection and IP communication.
  • Remote, abandoned monitoring site accessible only by feet – several days of marching through the jungle!
  • Solar-powered, backup battery, battery charge control via 350FX.
  • SaaS data management GDN (hosted in NZ) collects data from monitoring station in Malaysia, and makes data available to users through web interface
Global Data Network

Global Data Network

The HyQuest GDSP is a data platform that provides a secure high performance IP communications to devices on cellular networks globally.   The…
iRIS 350FX

iRIS 350FX IP multi-channel Datalogger

Variants available
HyQuest Solutions’ IP datalogger iRIS 350FX has been designed and constructed for use in harsh outdoor and industrial environments. It is…
LVQ-15 Non-Contact Discharge Radar Sensor

LVQ-15 / LVQ-35 Non-Contact Discharge Radar Sensor

Variants available
HyQuest Solutions’ LVQ-15 and LVQ-35 are sensors for continuous discharge measurement of rivers, open channels and canals with known…
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